Motorola Milestone gets pimped like a Ferrari

Motorola has given its Milestone smart phone a makeover, with Ferrari branding. Can it help you cut a dash or is it ineffably naff?

Asavin Wattanajantra

Motorola has pimped up its Milestone smart phone to make it look like a Ferrari.

According to Boy Genius Report, which papped the handset, the limited-edition, shiny, red blowers have been given to Ferrari board members, and potentially executives and a couple of customers. Alas, that means there's none for you. Assuage your disappointment with the fact that nothing has changed in terms of specs.

Ferrari has a habit of dressing up tech toys in its corporate livery. The Acer Liquid E Ferrari is another example of a pimped-up smart phone, but the branding has also extended to laptops in the past, such as the Acer Ferrari One.

It's not the first time that Motorola has given one of its phones a makeover either. Some lucky geeks in the US have been able to get their sweaty hands on a version of the Milestone 2 that's meant to look like R2-D2, complete with exclusive Star Wars content.

Nokia has been known to have a smidgen of fun with its devices too. In 2008, it created a mobile phone that resembled the Star Trek communicator from the first TV series.

What do you think of the Ferrari Milestone and similarly branded devices? Can they help you cut a dash about town, or do they just make you look ineffably naff?

Image credit: Boy Genius Report