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Motorola Devour Android phone: Eats a Dext, excretes a Milestone

The Motorola Devour has the same slidey look as the Motorola Milestone and comes with extra social-networking powers thanks to Motoblur

The Motorola Devour is chomping its way into the USA, offering the brain of the Motorola Dext packed into a body like the Motorola Milestone.

The Devour has Motoblur, the user interface and online backup tools that we saw on the Dext, with home-screen widgets that automatically update with Facebook statuses and tweets. It also offers a universal inbox that brings together texts, Facebook messages and emails into one home-screen widget.

Unfortunately, that also means the Devour will rock version 1.6 of the Android operating system, which has gone from cutting-edge to hopelessly out of date faster than a pair of Crocs. The Milestone runs version 2.0 of the OS, while the Google Nexus One is already on version 2.1.

The Devour has a 79mm (3.1-inch) touchscreen and a slide-out Qwerty keyboard, and comes pre-loaded with an 8GB memory card.

Motorola wasn't able to tell us when we'll see the Devour in the UK, but it promises it'll be launching a whole heap of Android-powered phones for us this year. Based on previous experience with the Dext and the Milestone, which both launched in the US with different names, we may see the Devour lose its Freudian moniker before landing on our shores.