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Motorola Canary: Bird watching in the USA

Pictures have finally emerged online of the Motorola Canary, the long-awaited successor to the Razr V3. It looks depressingly similar to the original model, sadly

After the huge success of Motorola's Razr V3, we've been waiting to see how the company will follow up its slender silver loveliness. Yesterday we got a sneak peak when some photos emerged online.

Engadget posted new pictures yesterday that appear to show the so-called Motorola Canary in all its glory, putting some more flesh on the bones of this long-awaited device. From previous leaks we were expecting the phone to feature a narrower form factor than the original V3, as well as a glossy front similar to the LG Chocolate phone, and it looks like this is the case.

As you can see, the bottom section of the phone has some new dimples and there are some new Bluetooth and battery symbols on the glossy front section. The only other noticeably different detail is a blue Motorola symbol on top of the screen, which replaces the traditional embossed one. It's also still unclear whether or not this will make up part of the rumoured Scpl range -- Motorola UK's PR people aren't giving anything away.

It looks as though Motorola is once again clinging on to the Razr's success for dear life, afraid to move too far from its original, breakthrough design. We shall welcome the new handset with open arms, but we do hope that one day Motorola will come up with another cool phone that isn't part of the Razr family. -AL