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Motorola Calgary inching closer to launch

We should see Verizon's third Android handset, the Motorola Calgary, in the next few weeks.

The Calgary appears on Verizon's Cellebrite device.
Boy Genius Report

The presumed "little brother" of the Motorola Droid, the Calgary, appears to be nearing release. Just last week, the handset was spied in Verizon's Cellebrite device, which is used to transfer information such as contacts, messages, and pictures between handsets.

We've also seen a couple of leaked images hit the Internet over the last few weeks. The Calgary, aka the Devour, bears more than a passing resemblance to the Droid. We're not sure about the color just yet as both silver and black versions have been spotted.

Rumored specs include Wi-Fi, GPS, a 3-megapixel camera, and what appears to be an optical trackpad in lieu of the Droid's square navigation toggle.

This should be the Calgary. Boy Genius Report

It's obvious from the pictures that the phone will have MotoBlur, although we don't know which version of the Google Android OS it will run. Yet, considering Moto recently pledged to update all of its Android handsets to 2.1, it could have that update out of the box.

There has yet to be any hint of release date or pricing but with the Mobile World Congress right around the corner, we could learn both shortly. CNET will be at MWC in Barcelona to bring you the full story.