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Motorola begins Android 5.0 deployment for Moto X, G

Wasting nary a moment, Motorola is quick to deliver the latest version of Android to key smartphones.

The Moto X (2014) Pure Edition is among three early Android 5.0 adopters. Sarah Tew/CNET

Motorola, in what has to be a new record, has begun pushing out Android 5.0 updates for select smartphones. Indeed, some Moto X or Moto G owners could receive a taste of Lollipop even before Nexus users, the first to typically get the next OS update.

According to the official Motorola blog, there are three models picking up the latest release of Android over the coming days. Specifically, the Moto X (2014) Pure Edition, Moto G (2014), and Moto G (2014) Global GSM are grabbing 5.0 only one week after its public release.

In addition to the totally revamped UI and feature set, Motorola has introduced new settings. Called "Downtime" and "Interruption", they let users toggle notifications for select apps and people.

Motorola has dedicated support pages for each device and its respective software update.

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