Motorola Atrix hands-on video explains world's most complicated phone

We were as baffled by the Motorola Atrix as anyone, so we had a nice man explain it using very small words. Check out our video of the punchy new smart phone and its bonkers docks.

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Nick Hide
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We'll hold our hands up and say we were as baffled by the Motorola Atrix as anyone. So it's a phone? But it has Firefox? And it fits in a laptop-style dock? And it's running Android and another OS, but only when it's plugged into the laptop thing? Hang on, run that by us again.

Luckily we were recently able to see the Atrix in person and filmed this little video to better explain its quirks and foibles. It's a powerful beast, with a dual-core processor and a whole gigabyte of RAM -- Motorola claims it's the most powerful smart phone in the world. Its 4-inch LCD screen has a high 960x540-pixel resolution -- not quite as good as the iPhone 4's 960x640 pixels, but close.

But what sets the Atrix apart from other Android phones is webtop. This is a whole other operating system that comes into play when you plug the Atrix into a dock, whether it's a laptop-style screen and keyboard, or a desktop dock that plugs into your TV.

Suddenly you can see your phone's screen on a much bigger display and use real grownup Firefox, with a proper mouse and keyboard. There's also an entertainment interface that lets you watch videos, listen to music and look at photos.

It's certainly an intriguing concept, but its success will depend on how easy to use it all is -- and whether the docks cost an arm and a leg. Watch Motorola's Paul Hampshire demonstrate it in our video and let us know what you think in the comments.