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Motorola apparently seeking product manager for 'X-Phone'

The Google-owned company appears to be moving forward with its next-generation smartphone.

A job listing briefly posted on LinkedIn appears to confirm last month's report of an "X-Phone," now in development at Motorola, that represents Google's biggest effort to date to inject life into the struggling device maker.

The listing, first noticed by Android Headlines, advertises for a senior product manager for the X-Phone. The listing describes the project as a "next-generation smartphone platform."

The ad is now listed as "no longer active" on LinkedIn. But a companion listing on Motorola's Web site is nearly identical, with only the references to the "X-Phone" and next-generation smartphone platform scrubbed out.

"Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, is breaking through the barriers that separate people from the things they love," the ad says. "We're designing technology that connects seamlessly so consumers have the best content at their fingertips, every second of every day. TV, talk, text, email and web surfing - we're putting people at the center of it all. It's what we call a Motorola Powered future and we're making the devices that do more, so people can do more."

Asked to comment on the listing, Motorola did not deny it was seeking a PM for the X-Phone.

"We're busy inventing the future of mobile and are actively recruiting best-of-the-best talent across the board," spokeswoman Danielle McNally said in an e-mail. "If you're interested, come join us."

(We are flattered.)

Hopefully Motorola finds its PM soon -- Google I/O begins May 15, and the developer conference would be an ideal time to show off the new device and its features.