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Motorola and D&G: Gold Razr V3i unpacked

Motorola and Dolce & Gabbana teamed up last year to bring you the gold Razr V3i, but you had to be an A-lister to get hold of it. Now you can buy it down the high street

Last Christmas, the gold Motorola Razr V3i D&G handset made a celebrity appearance on Crave's virtual shopping list. But at a price of £400 it didn't make it to our real list, and even if it had, trying to get hold of one of the 1,000 released could have been difficult.

However, Motorola and D&G have seen the light (probably reflected by all that gold) and released the bling phone to the masses. Motorola have even gone and made David Beckham their new representative, which should bode well for this phone -- he's no stranger to bling himself.

We've been sent one by Carphone Warehouse, which is selling it for £250 on pay as you go and free on a monthly contract, so you won't need to fork out as much cash as last year. When the box containing the Razr V3i arrived, we had to squint due to the extreme blingness of the box (it's a gold box with a silver interior) and we were even more overwhelmed when we opened it.

The Razr V3i is as gold as it gets -- there are a few silver details, but aside from that everything else is gold. When you turn it on and off, a man says "Dolce e Gabbana" in a mystical Italian voice. There's also a special D&G ring tone, so that even if people on the bus can't see it, they'll know you have a gold phone in your pocket when it rings.

You also get a D&G phone charm, a 64MB microSD card, a USB cable, a D&G cleaning cloth, Motorola phone tools software and an AC charger. So far we're impressed by the sheer amount of gold goodness, but we'll reserve our final judgement until we've taken it out for a spin in a limo, wearing our white fur coats. Expect a review soon, but in the meantime, here's some more photos. -AL