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Motorola Alexander: Can a slider save Moto?

Can a Windows Mobile phone with a slide-out keypad possibly save Motorola's flagging mobile division? If these reported specs are right, just maybe...

Yesterday The Boy Genius Report posted a leaked picture of a Motorola device, code-named the Alexander. If you were hoping for a touchscreen super-phone, prepare to be disappointed because it seems that Moto is putting its money on a Windows Mobile phone with a slide-out Qwerty keypad -- hardly the Fonz, is it?

According to BGR, the Alexander possibly runs Windows Mobile 6.1 (or 7), features a 5 to 8-megapixel camera, packs assisted GPS and an Nvidia chip for running 3D graphics. We're not saying the specs don't sound exciting, but the Alexander's design reminds us a little too much of the Samsung i620, which didn't exactly have us running to the shops.

Due out some time at the end of this year, the Alexander is one of several new Moto phones that will hopefully bring some success to a company that's currently in turmoil. What we're yet to see, however, is a solid new line up that echoes the brilliance of the original Razr V3 without copying it. It was Motorola's innovative design that made it succeed back in the day and we hope to see that same strong sense of design come back soon. -Andrew Lim