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Motorola adviser hints at custom-built smartphones

Motorola adviser Guy Kawasaki's recent Google+ update could allude to recent rumors of custom-built Android handsets from the Google-owned handset-maker.

Is this one of many possible configurations of an "X-Phone?"

The next generation of Motorola smartphones may allow for custom designed handsets, if ongoing chatter is to be believed.

According to a recent AndroidAndMe post, the rumored X Phone is actually part of a larger brand and approach that includes user-defined configurations for color, storage capacity, ringtones, apps, and more.

If that weren't enough to whip fanboys into a frenzy, a source close to the blog suggests that memory, processors, and carrier support may be customizable as well. Reportedly, Motorola will guarantee one-week delivery for custom devices.

While the casual smartphone observer might find the rumors just a tad "out there," it appears that there could be a bit of truth behind them. Guy Kawasaki, who recently joined Motorola as an adviser, today alluded to customizing smartphones.

"Wouldn't it be great if you could personalize your phone like this?" the post stated, pointing to a video of a customizable car.

Surely, the timing of Kawasaki's comments is not coincidental. Or is it? In the age of Reddit and Internet trolling, I begrudgingly must reserve some skepticism for the rumor. Is Guy having a bit of fun with his fan base or is he legitimately gauging public interest?

With Google I/O fast-approaching, we could soon learn more on the future of a custom-built Android handset. Should there be fire behind the smoke, this is the sort of rumor that won't be contained for long.

I would love to hear your thoughts on a tailored smartphone hardware experience. What features would you like to be able to choose? Does screen size matter as much as color? What about storage capacity or processor? Leave your ideas in the comments below.