Motorola '3D' handset to offer resistive and capacitive touch

New details have come out surrounding the rumored "3D" handset from Motorola. Known as the MT810, this smartphone will offer both resistive and capacitive touch options. The jury is still out as to whether the device will have any special 3D capabilities.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster

Motorola MT810 IT168

A few weeks back I reported on an upcoming Motorola phone that was rumored to have 3D capabilities in the display. It was suggested at the time that the flip-over clear screen was possibly tied to a patent filed by Motorola that changed the way in which the touch screen was perceived. Unfortunately, the phone may not be that cool after all.

Details surfaced this week that tell us the top cover provides a capacitive layer for touch whereas the screen itself offers resistive technology. The rationale behind it is simple. When opened, users can write on the screen with a stylus but the closed cover provides touch capability. This would be especially useful in a market such as China where writing characters is much easier with a sharp stylus.

According to a Chinese tech site called IT168, this phone is called the Motorola MT810 "North Sea" and is headed for China. The phone is said to feature a 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video capture. Other details include TD-SCDMA network and WAPI support. Although the 3D features have not been clarified or confirmed, sites like Engadget are still holding on to the idea that it exists.