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Moto Z3 Play brings the battery back for $500, or $450 with Amazon Prime

The Moto Z3 Play and Moto G6 Play are now available for preorder as Prime Exclusive phones.

The Moto Z3 Play is available for preorder now.
Sarah Tew/CNET

If you've been craving a phone with a beefy battery pack, the Moto Z3 Play might be the ticket -- it comes with a magnetic modular battery pack that promises a combined 40 hours on a charge. And though we haven't reviewed it yet, it's now available for preorder through Best Buy, B&H Photo and for $500.

Or, if you're an Amazon Prime member and don't mind a few preloaded apps, you can get the Moto Z3 Play for $450 as an Amazon Prime Exclusive phone. As a Prime Exclusive, the Moto Z3 Play comes unlocked with preloaded Amazon apps like Prime Video, Amazon Shopping and the Kindle app. The Moto Z3 Play also comes integrated with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant.

Compared to last year's Moto Z2 Play, the Z3 Play offers a larger, higher-resolution 6-inch screen in the same size phone, but loses the headphone jack. The unlocked version still works on practically any US cellular network.

Amazon also added the Moto G6 Play to its lineup of Prime Exclusive phones, so Prime members can get that phone with Amazon apps and Alexa for $190 (it normally goes for $200).

Both the Moto Z3 Play and Moto G6 Play can be preordered on Amazon now, with a release date of June 29.