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Moto X's unlocked developer editions are back in stock

Two developer editions of Motorola's new high-end smartphone sold out in 24 hours after "unprecedented demand" -- now both the GSM and Verizon versions are back.

Moto X's developer edition only comes in black and white. Motorola

After selling out in less than 24 hours a couple of weeks ago, Motorola's Moto X developer edition smartphone is now back in stock.

Google's vice president of product management at Motorola Mobility Punit Soni announced on his Google+ page on Monday that the sought-after versions of the phone are once again available.

"We should have enough in stock now for what has been an unprecedented demand," Soni wrote.

Two developer editions of the smartphone are available -- a GSM version that works on AT&T and T-Mobile in the US and doesn't have a SIM card and a Verizon version that has a SIM card and is on the CDMA network. Both versions come with unlocked bootloaders that let developers tinker with the inner workings of the device.

Each phone costs $649. Apparently, that price tag doesn't come with the opportunity to customize the Moto X in Moto Maker. The order page only offers a "special black and woven white Developer Edition design."

The Moto X is Motorola's flagship smartphone that is supposed to rival other high-end devices, like the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, HTC One, and Apple's iPhone.

The device has a speedy camera, futuristic voice command capabilities, and an endless variety of customized designs. Motorola has also designed, engineered, and is constructing all Moto X units in the US.