Moto X with free wireless speaker at Phones 4u, deals from £25pm

The high-street phone flogger is bunging in a free wireless speaker when you preorder Motorola's high-end handset.

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Nick Hide
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Just a quick heads-up on a deal for the freshly-announced-for-the-UK Moto X -- high-street phone flogger Phones 4u is bunging in a free wireless speaker when you preorder Motorola's high-end handset.

Its deals are competitive too, if your heart's set on this classy slice of Android hardware. £390 will bag you a SIM-free Moto X, with £10 off if you buy it on a pay as you go deal. Monthly contracts start at £25 on 3G and £30 on 4G.

What does that buy you? Bearing in mind all deals are two years long, the £25 deal is on Vodafone and bags you a pathetic 100MB of data and 100 minutes. You can pay £80 up front and save yourself £4 per month, saving you a whopping £16 over two years. A £28 deal on Orange is probably better value, with 500MB of data and 1,000 minutes.

If you need EE's extensive 4G coverage, a £35 deal includes 2GB of data, which is pretty stingey. Alternatively, Vodafone's £34 deal saves you a quid, includes 6GB and Spotify or Sky Sports too. As we've said before, Vodafone's the best value for 4G at the moment, as long as you're served by its coverage.

The free speaker you get on all these deals is supposedly worth £120, but Phones 4u doesn't say who makes it, so who knows? It has a built-in speakerphone and a battery that'll last for 8 hours of non-stop wireless revelry.


Phones 4u has the Moto X exclusively in white (pictured above) for three months -- you can only buy it in black elsewhere.

The phone itself is a quality device, with a comfy design and the very latest Android 4.4 KitKat software, augmented by some natty voice command gubbins. You can find better specced devices for the price, however -- last year's Samsung Galaxy S4 has a faster processor and larger, higher-res screen, for example -- and Motorola's own Moto G is less than half the cost, with the same 720p resolution.

You can read a more in-depth hands-on analysis of the Moto X's virtues from Andy here, or watch my CNET.com colleague Brian Bennett review it in the video below. Do you think the Moto X is good value here in the UK? Give us the benefit of your phone-picking wisdom down in the comments, or on our excellent value Facebook page.