Moto X effect sets in across North America

The device's usage across the continent has steadily risen over the last month, indicating that at least some people are happy to have their hands on the gadget.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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The Moto X Effect
The Moto X Effect Chitika

The Moto X is slowly but surely gaining some ground in the mobile space.

Chitika, an online ad network that services tens of millions of ad impressions across North America, revealed on Tuesday that Motorola's Moto X has watched its share of overall Motorola device Web traffic jump from 1.2 percent in early October to 1.8 percent at the end of last month. Though that is by no means massive growth, Chitika points out that its popularity seems to be steadily rising.

Motorola released the Moto X in August, and it arguably sits at the top end of the company's smartphone line. The device attempts to set itself apart by offering customization options. It also comes with several interesting features, including a shake-to-camera option.

Not surprisingly, the Moto X's rise has caused Motorola to stake a claim to a bit more of North America's Web traffic. According to Chitika, Motorola smartphones collectively account for 4.1 percent of North America smartphone Web traffic. That's up from 3.8 percent in early October.

One other notable finding from Chitika: Motorola is inching closer to overtaking HTC in usage share. At the end of October, HTC devices accounted for 4.2 percent of all North American smartphone Web traffic. That Motorola is inching closer to HTC is important.

"It is reasonable to assume that Motorola usage share will likely surpass HTC's share in the near future," Chitika wrote in its report Tuesday. "Should this occur, it would mean that Motorola users are generating the second-largest amount of continental Android Web traffic next to Samsung."

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