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Moto G9 Plus packs 64MP camera and low price tag

That's a lot of pixels for your money.

Motorola/Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Motorola has confirmed that the Moto G9 Plus and the Moto E7 Plus will launch in the UK, costing £259 and £129 respectively. Those are some low prices for phones that offer capacious batteries and massive screens. We don't yet know if they'll be available internationally or if the names will stay the same, but £259 converts to about $330 or AU$460.

The G9 Plus is the hero of the pair. Initially launched earlier this month in India, it has a 6.8-inch, 2,400x1,080-pixel display and 5,000-mAh battery. Its main rear camera has a huge 64-megapixel resolution, which when paired with the depth sensor should be able to produce attractive portrait mode effects. There's a super-wide lens and a macro lens as well. 


The phone runs Qualcomm's Snapdragon 730G processor, backed up by 4GB of RAM, which should make it powerful enough for your everyday essentials, but don't expect it to handle demanding games as well as top-end phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra


The E7 Plus meanwhile packs a lower resolution 6.5-inch, 1,600x720-pixel display, 5,000mAh battery and Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor. Its main rear camera has a lower -- but still impressive -- 48-megapixel resolution and while it has the depth sensor for portrait mode shots, it dispenses with the ultra wide and macro lenses in order to keep the price down.

Again, the E7 Plus is only confirmed for the UK right now, but its affordable £129 price tag converts to about $170 or AU$230.

Both phones are available to buy in the UK now.