Moto G6 available for $99 on Google Fi right now

Save $150 during this promotion.

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The Moto G6.

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For a limited time, Google's mobile network Google Fi

is selling the Motorola Moto G6 for $99 -- that's $150 cheaper than its retail price of $249. As premium phones get more and more expensive (like the $1,000 iPhone XS Max or the $2,000 Galaxy Fold), it's important that affordable, midrange phones are available for other users who don't have much to spend. When the Moto G6 launched in 2018, it was one of CNET's favorite budget phones. In his CNET review Patrick Holland said it was "a sublime value" with minimal drawbacks.

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The phone is available on Google's Wi-Fi first network, which uses local Wi-Fi networks first (the same kind you set up at home, or connect to at a coffee shop or airport) to patch calls, send texts and browse the internet. If Wi-Fi coverage is not available or too weak, the network will then switch to US carriers T-Mobile's, Sprint's or US Cellular's networks. Since November 2018, the service expanded to include service Samsung, OnePlus and iPhone (in beta) phones.

Earlier this month, Motorola released the successor to the Moto G6, aptly named the Moto G7. The G7 has a larger display, a faster processor and more memory compared to the G6. However, at $299, it's more expensive than the G6 when it first launched and now even more so with this promotion. If you're looking for a reliable phone for cheap and you're on Google Fi, consider the G6.

Editors' note April 18: Updated with correct price in headline. 

The Moto G6 is ready for its close-up

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