Moto G landing on Verizon

Though the phone lacks LTE, Verizon says it will sell the Moto G by early 2014.

Brian Bennett Former Senior writer
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Brian Bennett
Moto G
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Motorola certainly has made noise with its new Moto G smartphone. The budget handset offers plenty of Android for its low $179 starting price. More intriguing, though, is that Verizon confirmed that it will sell the device sometime early next year.

Moto G
Verizon tweets support for the Moto G. Brian Bennett/CNET

Specifically the carrier revealed through its Verizon News Twitter account that it plans to offer the Moto G by "early Q114." Why is that an odd scenario, you may ask? First of all, like the old Google Nexus 4, the Moto G is not capable of connecting to LTE 4G networks.

Verizon has loudly boasted that it would only sell LTE handsets from now on, so its decision to scoop up the Moto G is a clear reversal of its self-imposed policy. It could also point to Big Red's assessment of just how popular Motorola's new superaffordable handset will be.

Of course, by the time the Moto G arrives on US shores in early January, its luster may have worn off. That said, an unlocked phone running Android 4.4 KitKat with the freshest software bells and whistles Google can muster, all for a very affordable price has a long shelf life in the great-bargain department.