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Morpheuz Pebble app helps track your sleep

By installing this free app on your Pebble smartwatch, you can track just how well you slept last night.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

An obvious benefit to the Pebble app store are the ideas developers come up with for the smartwatch. As it stands now, the Pebble doesn't include any native activity tracking features. Naturally, developers have taken advantage of this and are attempting to fill in the holes.

One such app is called Morpheuz. The free app works independently of your smartphone, and graphs your nightly sleep using the watch on your wrist.

After installing the app, you're prompted to set an alarm if you so choose. But you'll notice when setting an alarm that you're asked to set a general timeframe instead of an exact time. The goal here is for the app to wake you when you're likely to feel rested, based off your sleep pattern for the night. This is a similar feature found in activity trackers such as Jawbone's UP.

Unfortunately there are currently some drawbacks to the app. It's only capable of storing data for the previous night, meaning you'll have to export your sleep data every day. When you export it, you'll need to e-mail yourself a set of seemingly random numbers, which make no sense to your untrained eye. In order to benefit from the data, you'll need to copy and paste the numbers into this tool on the Morpheuz Web site.

You can click here to install Morpheuz on your Pebble smartwatch, or launch the Pebble app and search the store for the app.