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More than 100 new emoji are coming to Android and iOS

Keep your texts interesting with new animals, food, smiley faces and people.

Some of the new emoji coming to iOS later this year. 

Android and iOS users will be able to choose from 117 new emoji to spice up their text messages. Both Google and Apple revealed their versions of the new emoji one day ahead of World Emoji Day on Friday. The new emoji will come to Google's Android 11 and Apple's iOS 14 later this year.

The emoji additions, which were approved by Unicode as part of Emoji 13.0, include new animals (like bison, beaver and polar bear) and food and drink (like tamale, boba tea and teapot). You'll also find a slightly smiling face, two people hugging, a man in a veil, a woman in a tuxedo and a person feeding a baby. 

Google said some of its past animal emoji have been redesigned, in some cases to look a little friendlier, and in others to look better in dark mode. 

Some emoji were redesigned to look better in dark mode.


Google is also rolling out a quick-access emoji bar to Gboard beta on Thursday and to all Gboard Android users in the coming months. 

The exact date is unclear for the release of the updated mobile operating systems from Apple and Google.

A Google presentation to developers earlier this month seemed to suggest that it would be Sept. 8, but Google didn't provide confirmation that this is true. Last year's release of Android 10 was at the beginning of September. 

Apple is expected to release iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and MacOS Big Sur in the fall.

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