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More 5G Phones Are Being Shipped Than 4G Phones, Analyst Says

Three years after 5G phones first launched, they've surpassed 4G phones.

A phone displaying '5G' in front of a blurred city background.
More 5G phones are shipping than 4G phones as of the second quarter of 2022.
d3sign / Getty Images

Just three years after the first mainstream 5G phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G launched, global shipments of 5G phones have just surpassed those of 4G phones, according to an analyst.

You'll have to squint to see it, but the graph tweeted by Counterpoint partner and research vice president Neil Shah does show 5G phones made up 49.9% of phones shipped globally over 4G phones at 49.7% (the remaining 0.4% are 3G phones) as of the second quarter of 2022. That's winning by a hair, but it shows a clear trend as consumers phase out their older devices and buy new phones capable of connecting to 5G networks.

US carriers have been pushing 5G adoption, with Verizon, which started the year saying a third of subscribers had 5G phones, making it cheaper to get top-tier 5G phones with generous promotions. Consumers aren't just buying pricier phones either, as 5G has trickled down to mid-range and budget phones, too. 

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