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Moko wants you!

Australian mobile social networking site Moko is in the process of electing its first President and wants you to get involved.

The Countess: prominent Mokie and Presidential hopeful.(Credit:

Are you hungry for power? Perhaps you're currently employed as the President of, say, a global superpower, but your term in office is about to expire? If so, read on eagerly.

Mobile social networking site Moko is in the process of electing its first President and is calling on its 100,000 Australian members (known as Mokies) to step up to the task by posting a nomination video of themselves on the Moko website. The potential candidates are then whittled down until a President is elected — the winner will walk away with AU$10,000 in prizes.

Similar to Facebook and MySpace, Moko is an online space where users can create profiles and interact with other members by commenting on their profiles or in various established chat rooms. The difference between Moko and the other social networking sites is that it has been optimised for use on mobile devices, via your handset's browser. Members can also access the site from the browser on a desktop, where the site's aesthetic design was originally developed with phones in mind and the various obstacles that arise from accessing the site through a mobile device.

According to Paul Gruebar, director of Business Development and Marketing for Moko's parent company Loop Mobile, another key difference between Moko and the competition is its "heavy editorial emphasis", with Moko staff developing original content on the site and driving its members to interact with this content, like the upcoming election.

Moko is available through all the major mobile carriers in Australia and costs AU$4 per month to subscribe. There is also a range of premium content available, like the ability to send private messages to other users, which costs AU$0.50, plus photo uploads will be at the standard MMS rates.