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Moblyng slides into your iPhone

Moblyng slide-show app released for iPhone.

Eric Franklin Former Editorial Director
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Eric Franklin
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Moblyng's interface for the iPhone pretties things up nicely. Eric Franklin/CNET Networks

I'm not one for sharing or even creating photo slide shows, honestly. I have nothing against it, really, and I love looking at other people's slide shows. My biggest pet peeve, though, is that there are so many different services, and each one requires a log-in.

I may have registered at the Kodak slide-show site three years ago, but no one has sent me a Kodak slide show in that time. So now that someone finally is, I don't even remember my password for this site!

Anyway, there are many who are into slide shows, so they'll be happy to know that Moblyng (looks like it's pronounced "Mobling," to me) has launched a new slide-show app for the iPhone. With it, users can create and share slide shows for display on iPhones, other smartphones, and social media sites.

Users can:

  • Create a slide show using the photos on their iPhone (Photo Library or Camera Roll)
  • Enhance slide shows with animated effects and transitions
  • Share slide shows to other iPhones or any Web-enabled, video-supporting phone, or smartphone
  • Post slide shows as a Flash Embed to social media sites like MySpace
  • Post slide shows to m.moblyng.com for future sharing

Moblyng is available at the App Store for free. My impressions so far are that it's easy to use and has some nice features like skins for surrounding your slides hows with clouds, and choosing a theme that your photos will be viewed in (photo stack, slider zoom, etc.).

I was able to create a quick slide show and send it to a friend's iPhone that did not have the app installed. He received a link, followed it, and was still able to view my slide show.