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NV Mobile is claiming a national first by releasing a range of mobile phone watches onto the unsuspecting Australian marketplace.

Joseph Hanlon Special to CNET News
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Joseph Hanlon
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The NV Sports Pro and Motch
(Credit: NV Mobile)

Just when it was almost fashionable to wear a ridiculous Bluetooth headpiece and talk loudly to yourself in shopping centres, now we'll have people talking into their wrists. Or will we?

Adelaide-based NV Mobile today launched a range of mobile phone watches complete with a sampling of the bells and whistles we see in the mobile phones in market already, including Bluetooth, touchscreens, and audio and video players. NV Mobile's CEO Anthony Cook describes the mobile phone watch as the "evolution of communications".

"In 10 to 20 years [watch phones] will take over the large screen phones," said Cook.

The range includes 10 models starting with the entry-level Motch all the way through to the top-of-the-line NV Sapphire, with sports watches and watches for tradesmen in between. Prices range from the basic model at AU$399 through to AU$999. The phones are currently available through the NV Mobile website.

NV Mobile will also release waterproof models and dual-SIM models in the coming weeks. The company also sells a range of smartphones in traditional form factors, which include 5-megapixel cameras and analog TV tuners.

At the launch, Cook whet our appetite with cryptic hints of the near future, saying "We're putting things into phones that don't exist yet ... things that will amaze you."

Things into phones that don't exist? As soon as we heard this our minds wandered across our future technology wish list: teleportation, time travel, invisibility cloak, one of those miniature pizzas from Back to the Future 2...

For us, the future can't come soon enough — we like to be amazed. Though, we're not sure if the amazing future of communications is watch phones.

What do you think? Are we destined to make our important business calls whispering into our wrists like Dick Tracy? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.