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BlackBerry's back, Samsung Pay gets the spotlight and more Microsoft at Mobile World Congress 2015 day two

We have seen the future and it includes an iris-scanning smartphone and luggage that can weigh itself. Check out the rest of the impressive tech from day two of Mobile World Congress 2015.

BlackBerry leaps back into the mobile market with a touchscreen phone. Sarah Tew / CNET

We've already seen a slew of new smartphones, wearable tech, and more at Mobile World Congress 2015 and there's plenty more where that came from. Microsoft and a focus on security stole were the focus of day one, with Samsung previously infiltrating the scene the day before.

Day two uncovers more phones and gadgets, as well as a look to what the future holds for the next generation of mobile devices.

Back in Blackberry

Blackberry hasn't given up on maintaining a presence in the mobile market, but it has temporarily ditched the keyboard. Its latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Leap , features a 5-inch HD touchscreen that will be available in Europe in April.

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The company also shared a prototype of a phone with a keyboard that slides out from under the screen. It's currently dubbed "the Slider." Since it's still in the development phase, no information about its pricing or availability was announced.

CEO John Chen also mentioned the possibility of another BlackBerry tablet. We haven't seen a slate from Blackberry since the Playbook was released in 2011 and with Chen stating that the next iteration would have to be "iconic", we're looking forward to what's to come -- if it ever arrives.

Fresh, future-forward tech

Aside from the major announcements by big wig companies, the next best thing to check out at Mobile World Congress is all the cool tech that offer something unique.

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Wireless chargers aren't anything new, but StoreDot's latest device is still an impressive contribution. Instead of worrying about a long-lasting battery, the company focuses on charging your smartphone in a matter of minutes.

If you don't care for Apple or Android operating systems, you don't have many alternatives. Ubuntu is one of the options available and the company's mobile boss hopes it'll catch your eye the next time you're shopping for a new phone.

Forget 4G. The network industry has its eyes set on 5G. 5G networks are expected to land in about 5 years and should transfer data much faster than the 3G and 4G networks we've come to know.

Easily weigh your luggage with the accompanying app. Sarah Tew / CNET

Bluesmart knows that traveling can be tricky to pack for, so they've plotted to make things easier with a smart suitcase. The Bluesmart Carry-on can be tracked via accompanying app and it can also weigh itself. It's just a prototype so far, so stay tuned as it develops.

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Fingerprint scanners are so last year. Fujitsu is staying ahead of the curve with its iris-scanner toting phone. Don't get your wallets out yet though -- it in it's early stages and pricing or availability haven't been announced.

Drones are more exciting than their name suggest. They're also more than just fun play toys or spying tools. Barcelona productively uses drones to survey its underground water tanks, which can become overwhelmed during heavy rain.

More Microsoft

And it was all neon yellow. Andrew Hoyle / CNET

Microsoft has yet to announce a follow-up to its flagship Lumia phone, however hints that point toward the Surface Pro 3 suggest possible features. A stylus --new to the latest Surface Pro 3 tablet -- is one of the predicted upgrades to the upcoming smartphone.

Kazam Thunder sounds like a cool pair of fashionable sneakers, but it's actually a cool pair of Windows phones. The 450W and 450L are, respectively, 3G and 4G LTE models that remain distinct from Microsoft-branded phones thanks to a 3-year warranty and a year of free screen replacement if the display cracks.

Digging into the details of Samsung's new devices

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Like Netflix, Samsung throws all of its new goodies at you in one fell swoop. Since the big announcements on press day the CNET team in Barcelona has been getting to know the new devices and features.

We got our hands on one of the new Galaxy S6 Edge devices for a closer look at its curvy display, as well as a cursory tour of Samsung Pay.

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A 3D camera is one of the latest special features to pop up on smartphones and tablets, so it's only natural for Samsung to jump on that bandwagon too. The Galaxy S6 is locked and loaded with the depth-sensing technology and we take a closer look at how it works.

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More wearables and smartphones

The wearables have yet to wind down at MWC 2015 and Pebble officially announced the steel version of its newest watch. The Pebble Time Steel costs a bit more than the original Pebble Time and it's expected to hits stores in July.

If you judge a phone by its camera, scope out the Nubia Z9 Max . It's jam packed with photography features, including one that lets you capture long-exposure shots, and the sleek, high-end build isn't too shabby itself.

MWC 2015 is no stranger to cheap smartphones and neither is Xiaomi. The Redmi 2 is the company's most recent affordable effort and to the delight of many, it slightly resembles an Apple iPhone 6. Xiaomi also announced that its Europe store will not carry its handsets.

We're still expecting more tech goodness from Mobile World Congress 2015, so keep checking CNET for more coverage.