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Mobile phones that sync with Outlook

Ignore the bells and whistles - what phone is the best for synchronising with Microsoft Outlook?

Hi Matt,
There are so many phones hitting the market that synchronise with Outlook and the wide range can be confusing.

For business use, you should look for a handset with complete e-mail, calendar and contact synchronisation ability. High-performance models such as HP's iPAQ h6365 and O2's Xda II mini don't come cheap, but they use Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system, which provides a familiar interface for Windows users and easy integration with Outlook.

While the above two handsets rely on a touch screen for writing (or virtual typing) messages, other smart phones boast full QWERTY keyboards. PalmOne recently released the Treo 650 with an easy-to-use thumb-sized keyboard and O2's Xda IIs features a slide-out keyboard to type on. Siemens has just launched its SK65 handset. Pitched at business users, it has a unique 'cross-to-type' keyboard and built-in Blackberry technology to wirelessly 'push' e-mails from your account directly to the device.

Motorola is due to launch the MPx220 any day now, so keep your eyes peeled for this stylish smart phone, which looks more like a traditional flip-phone than a PDA.