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Mobile Facebook gives you privacy control on the go

The social network has introduced privacy settings to mobile users, so you don't need a desktop browser to control what personal information your friends and other users can see

Want to ensure you have complete control of what Facebook friends can see on your smart phone? Good news: the social network has put in privacy controls for mobile users.

Facebook has announced that all the privacy controls it recently introduced to desktop users are now available to anyone using a browser-enabled mobile device.

To change your privacy settings on your mobile, go to m.facebook.com/privacy, or to a settings page where you can click the 'change' link next to the words 'privacy settings'. From here, you can change who sees the content you post: whether you share it with friends, friends of friends, or -- if you're particularly trusting -- everyone.

This function will take some time to roll out, Facebook says, so it won't be accessible to everyone right away.

Privacy has become a major issue for Facebook as it continues to develop policies that keep both the advertisers and its users happy.

The main Facebook site recently underwent a revamp that made it easier to share content and automatically added people to groups. Controversially, the new settings allowed third-party services access to some of your personal information. To put it mildly, it caused something of a backlash, which forced Facebook to placate angry users with better privacy controls.

As more people turn to their smart phones for social networking, companies are rushing out to provide new services and tools to cater to the mobile device. Another step forward in Mark Zuckerberg's quest for world domination was the recent introduction of Facebook for Android, which we like the look of.

Apps such as Foursquare, where you earn points for being in a certain place at a certain time, are becoming popular with mobile users. The game app uses geo-location technology to show other users where you are.

This poses a number of privacy concerns regarding personal information, visibility, and how companies are using the increasing amount of data they can access.