MLB.com offers smartphone-only subscription plan

For a mere $50 per year, you can watch unlimited out-of-market games, live, on your Android phone, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Alas, iPad users aren't allowed in on the action.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida

Calling all baseball junkies! Major League Baseball just lowered its subscription prices, at the same time introducing an even less expensive plan for smartphone owners.

The new MLB.TV Mobile Phone Only subscription lets you watch unlimited live out-of-market (meaning non-home) games on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android phone for $49.99 per year. That breaks down to just over $4 monthly, which strikes me as pretty cheap for that much baseball.

It's also a nice alternative to the $89.99/year and $109.99/year standard and premium plans, respectively, (which, incidentally, also include smartphone streaming), especially for those who travel a lot and want to watch road games on the road.

But what I really find interesting is that premium network MLB.TV is catering directly to smartphone owners, unlike a certain other premium network that recently introduced mobile apps. If you want HBO on the go, you must be an HBO subscriber through your cable or satellite provider.

Hey, HBO! Follow MLB.TV's example!

Except for this part: the smartphone-only option isn't currently available for iPad. I'm guessing because the tablet can be connected to a TV. (Hmm, doesn't seem to bother HBO. Hey, MLB.TV: follow HBO's example!)

What are your thoughts on the new MLB.TV plan? (Feel free to share your thoughts on MLB.TV itself, too, as I know a lot of people don't like the blackout restrictions.) Think you'll step up to the mobile-baseball plate?