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Mippin Mobilizer: Make your site mobile-friendly in seconds

Want to turn your blog or site into a half decent mobile Site but can't be bothered to do the work? Well the Mippin Mobilizer service just what you need

The mobile Web sucks, or at least it does if you're trying to view a Web site on a phone that can't support it. While the iPhone 3G might support full pages in all their glory, most phones don't and you quickly realise that certain Web sites look downright awful on small-screen phones with poor browsers. Enter the Mobilizer.

The Mippin Mobilizer might sound like some sort of army transport unit, but it's actually a clever service that helps you turn your site into something legible on a mobile phone. All you have to do is enter your site's RSS feed into the Mobilizer system and then it offers you the choice to customize your mobile site.

We tested it out this morning and while it's not exactly an iPhone app-making service, it will get your site looking good on a mobile phone in very little time at all. Better still it's free and very simple to use. So if you're keen on getting your blog or site on a mobile phone but can't be arsed to code a mobile specific version, then the Mippin Mobilizer might be your dream come true. - Andrew Lim