Minuum to bring its gesture-driven keyboard to Google Glass

The developers behind the compact keyboard are showing off a proof-of-concept on Google Glass and other wearable devices.

Nate Ralph Associate Editor
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Nate Ralph
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Minuum works with Google Glass. Minuum

Minuum is bringing its compact keyboard to your face. The app's developers have announced support for Google Glass -- and a few other wearable devices -- in a proof-of-concept video. It promises to make typing on devices with no discernable keypad fast and (more importantly) intuitive.

I like Minuum -- I said as much in my review . It's a clever app that crams a full-fledged keyboard into tiny spaces and doesn't sacrifice accuracy or speed. But our phone displays have proven to be big enough for our needs, and for better or worse, they're only getting larger. As it stands, the screen real estate that this compact keyboard saves generally isn't worth the hiccups involved in relying on autocorrect algorithms and predictive text -- even if they are plenty precise.

Wearables are a different story altogether.