Minor software updates hitting Droid, Droid X

Two of Verizon's top Android smartphones are receiving updates, which aim to improve the overall performance of the devices.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
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Sarah Tew/CNET

Verizon is in the midst of rolling out software updates to two of its popular smartphones, the Droid and Droid X.

Each of these updates are minor, so don't expect Gingerbread just yet. However, keeping with its tradition, Verizon has created a Web page designed to help educate its customers and walk them through the update, should they need the assistance.

The Motorola Droid update doesn't add too much in the way of new content. Rather, it appears to be general enhancements to already existing applications. Amazon, News & Weather, and Twitter all get subtle tweaks as does the Gmail client. The most notable improvements come in the way the Droid handles Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, which now supports Exchange 2010 connections.

The Droid X update, on the other hand, is considerably meatier, with enhancements to a number of items across the device. A quick glance at the details indicates to me that Verizon and/or Motorola have started going through the phone with a fine-tooth comb.

Users may notice some of the audio and video enhancements, such as less locking up and improved audio sync in WMV files. Other details, such as "clearer colors assigned to soft keys in app" may simply go unnoticed. Like the Droid update, the Droid X will also benefit from an improved Exchange ActiveSync experience.

One change that will appeal to the gaming crowd is the addition of EA's Madden NFL football game. Although it is not indicated by Verizon, this is only a demo of the game with the full version expected to sell for $9.99 when it arrives in the first quarter of the new year.