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Ministry of Sound MOSMC139IP: Teenage beats

Ministry of Sound's new MOSMC139IP might not have the most alluring name in the world, but for under £100 it could well be a good little iPod-ready micro hi-fi for teenage clubbers-to-be

Ministry of Sound has, for a long time, been a big ol' player in da clubs, but its line of own-brand hardware hasn't previously blown us away. That may be set to change after the Ministry freshly announced a new micro hi-fi setup, the MOSMC139IP.

While the name couldn't be less inspiring, the glossy black system looks pretty nice for £89, and would certainly fit right into place in a teenage clubber-in-training's bedroom, especially if that teen already owns an iPod -- a dock for said 'Pod sits atop the system.

So, specs. Each 10W speaker houses twin drivers and hopefully handles bass well, given the MoS's love of deep chest-pounding kick-drum action. The system also includes a bass-boost option to further distort enhance low-end impact and really irritate parents trying to watch My Family downstairs.

A USB port fitted into the front will play any MP3s stored on a memory stick, and as the CD player will play unprotected WMAs, we assume it'll handle Windows Media files too.

The MOSMC139IP will hit stores this month for £89.99 and we hope to get our hands on one for a full review in the near future. Now where did we put those wretched neon glowsticks?

Update: A full review of the MOSMC139IP is now available. -Nate Lanxon