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Microsoft reportedly wants to buy TikTok's global operations

Instead of just the US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand businesses, Microsoft is mulling a total buyout, a report says.

Microsoft is reportedly mulling a total buyout of TikTok.
Angela Lang/CNET

Microsoft is reportedly considering a total buyout of TikTok's global business from China-based ByteDance. It follows the US tech giant exploring the acquisition of TikTok's US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand businesses earlier this week after a conversation between Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and President Donald Trump. The president has been reportedly considering an order to force the Chinese company to divest ownership of the video app.

Microsoft's new negotiations, reported Thursday by the Financial Times citing five unnamed sources, could lead to it taking over the Indian and European arms of TikTok. But the deal reportedly wouldn't include ByteDance's sister Chinese app Douyin.

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Microsoft declined to comment, while TikTok responded saying it does not comment on rumors and speculation. A source told Business Insider the Financial Times report is false.

Apple is reportedly also interested in acquiring TikTok from ByteDance, although on Thursday it reportedly denied any interest in buying the app.

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