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Messaging phones of 2009

CNET editors show you the top messaging phones of 2009.

We've already listed our top cell phones and smartphones of the year, but we think the messaging phone has emerged as a strong enough category in 2009 that we think it deserves a top-10 list of its very own. Not quite smartphones, these handsets have full QWERTY keyboards and are made mostly for sending text messages. They come in all different shapes and sizes, some with touch screens with plenty of multimedia features, and others with just a basic feature set.

In picking our top-10 list, we chose the ones with the highest ratings that fit within our messaging phone category. The two most obvious are the Samsung Rogue and the LG EnV Touch, which both won our Editors' Choice this year. In fact, Samsung and LG dominated this list in general, with stand-outs like the Samsung Impression and the LG Xenon. There were a couple of phones that aren't from those two manufacturers, but you'll have to take a look at our slideshow to find out.