MCI lines restored--but not without pain

The telecom giant says it has restored its network operations, but many say they are ready to drop the company after recent outages.

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A nationwide network outage has crippled some businesses for more than a week, and many say they are considering dropping MCI WorldCom for an alternate network provider.

"We very much apologize for the difficulties this network outage caused our customers."

- MCI WorldCom chief Bernard Ebbers


Network outage could cut MCI revenue
The long distance firm says it expects to lose revenue from software-related glitches in its data network that lasted nine days.

MCI WorldCom says nightmare is over
The telecom giant says it has restored its high-speed data network after a planned 24-hour outage in which it sought to correct problems that have caused havoc for ten days.

ISPs: MCI outage could kill businesses
Dozens of small ISPs that rely on MCI WorldCom's data network fear that the company's recent outages will drive them out of business.

MCI glitch puts Chicago e-trading on hold
The Chicago Board of Trade says the opening of its electronic trading system will be delayed indefinitely because of problems with an MCI WorldCom communications system.

MCI faces network failures for eighth day
The long distance telephone company says its technicians are still struggling to fix Lucent software as data network problems continue into the eighth day.

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MCI faces customer wrath after failures
MCI WorldCom's data network is being slowly restored after more than five days of crippling outages, but the company is just beginning to feel the backlash from angry customers.

MCI WorldCom's data network problems continue
MCI WorldCom says problems with Lucent Technologies software in its frame-relay network that provides data and Internet services to businesses are continuing for a sixth straight day.