McGregor-Mayweather fight: Follow these Twitter accounts

Get ready for the big fight by following the best boxing and MMA accounts on Twitter.

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If you don't plan to be there in person or pay for the pay-per-view to livestream Saturday's big fight between boxer Floyd Mayweather and MMA fighter Conor McGregor, then the next best thing is to follow along on Twitter

Here are the best fight-related accounts that will bring you full coverage before, during and after the fight.

Follow these hashtags

The hashtag for the fight appears to be #MayweatherMcGregor although many people are also using #MayMac. Going to these hashtag streams is one of the best ways to get the latest on the fight without having to follow a bunch of people. 

Mayweather and McGregor on Twitter

Mayweather's Twitter handle is the straightforward @FloydMayweather while McGregor goes the more creative route with @TheNotoriousMMA. Check in with each to see if our combatants will be jawing at each other leading up to the fight and what the winning and losing fighter will have to say afterwards.

Follow them on Instagram, too!

Conor McGregor can be found on Instagram @TheNotroriusMMA. Mayweather's Instagram is @FloydMayweather. McGregor was most recently found dressing his son up in a studly suit and sunglasses while Mayweather was advertising a prefight Vegas party.

The networks

Both networks airing the fight -- Showtime in the US and Sky Sports in the UK -- have been active during the lead-up to the fight on their boxing-specific Twitter accounts, @ShowtimeBoxing and @SkySportsBoxing. (Disclaimer: CBS owns Showtime and CNET.)

From the boxing world

  • @ringmagazine: Get full coverage from the venerable Ring Magazine, the Bible of Boxing.
  • @danrafaelespn: ESPN's boxing writer will be at the fight and tweeting from his seat.
  • @RBRBoxing: Follow along with live, round-by-round updates during the fight here.
  • @TSSboxingnews: Get updates and analysis from The Sweet Science, a boxing website.
  • @TheFightCity: More updates and analysis from The Fight City, a boxing website from Montreal.

From the MMA world

  • @danawhite: The head of the UFC wants to convince you that McGregor has a chance.
  • @MMAFighting: More analysis favoring Team McGregor.
  • @UFCONFOX: Fox Sports UFC coverage features lots of talking heads talking about the fight.
  • @BCampbellCBS: Brian Campbell covers MMA and boxing for CBS Sports and has produced a ton of great content, including full analysis of the matchup, his prediction, podcasts and a 1-on-1 interview with Mayweather.

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