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Marvel Realm of Champions looks to mix Game of Thrones with Secret Wars

You can even align with a House of Stark... Tony Stark.

Marvel Realm of Champions looks to be a mega Marvel superhero battle on mobile.

Marvel Realm of Champions is mixing up superheroes with strategy, with a dash of Game of Thrones-style alliance making. The mobile game was revealed Thursday by Marvel and game developer Kabam to kick off New York Comic Con.

Kabam has previously made the Marvel fighting game Contest of Champions on mobile, which adapted the comic storyline of the same name where Marvel heroes face each other in combat. The new Realm of Champions game however is a real-time RPG game telling an original story loosely based on the Secret Wars comic storyline, taking place on a planet called Battleworld run by Houses with shaky alliances.

Players will get to align with one of these Houses, each of which is based on a Marvel hero. These include House of Iron for Iron Man, Spider-Guild for Spider-Man, Patriot Garrison for Captain America, Pyramid X for X-Men and others.

After choosing a House, players will customize together their own superhero and then take on either Player vs. Environment or Player vs. Player battles in venues such as Stark Technologies-built cities or Asgardian environments. These battles will count toward control of the Battleworld. 

From the trailer also revealed Monday, it looks as though characters can be created using a number of looks that are based on familiar characters: which include male or female takes on looks based on Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Ghost Spider aka Spider-Gwen, Hulk, Thor and more.

While no gameplay or release date timing has been revealed yet, Kabam says the game will also focus on forging diplomatic alliances as well as using character class abilities in a strategic manner.

More details about the game are set to be revealed during Marvel's Comic Con livestream on Thursday as well as the Marvel Games panel on Friday at 12 p.m. PT.