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Mario Kart-like Angry Birds races into iOS

Angry Birds has long been kind of the sling-shotting, but now it's trying to make a move into racing with Angry Birds Go.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger

Rovio, the mobile developer behind the wildly popular Angry Birds franchise, has launched a Mario Kart-like racing game for iOS.

The title, dubbed Angry Birds Go, puts some of the franchise's characters into soapbox cars, allowing gamers to kart-race around different tracks. The game is somewhat of a milestone for the franchise. All previous titles have been 2D. Angry Birds Go is the first 3D world for the franchise.

According to Rovio, gamers can play as either pigs or the birds, and the title includes everything from racetracks to stunt roads to air courses. Some special powers have been added to the soapbox cars to add an additional layer of difficulty.

The decision on Rovio's part to jump into racing seems to follow Nintendo's own wildly popular Mario franchise, which made its name as a platformer but quickly branched out into other areas, including kart-racing with Mario Kart. Nintendo's Mario Kart franchise is now a hallmark in Nintendo's stable of games.

Angry Birds Go is free and available now for iOS-based devices.