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Make your messages unsend on Snapchat

Here's how to wipe out an iffy message before it gets seen.

Snapchat on an iPhone

Snapchat is already known for its disappearing chats and Story Snaps that poof into thin air after 24 hours. Now, with the new Clear Chats feature, you can unsend messages to your friends before they see them. That's right, no more sender's remorse. This new feature is rolling out across the globe in the next few weeks.

How to clear chats

To zap a comment you want to take back, long-press on the message -- no matter if it's audio, text, sticker or photo -- and press the Delete option that pops up. If you hurry, you can unsend before your friend -- or group of friends -- even sees it. 


Take back your message... but be quick.

Alina Bradford/CNET

Snapchat says that when you delete a message it will do its best to remove the message from its servers and your friends' devices. Be aware that people in the chat will be notified you deleted something, so be prepared for questions. Also, sometimes the feature won't work if your buddy is having internet connection problems or if their version of Snapchat is older. So, still err on the side of caution when sending anything.

Clear entire conversations

An older option, called Clear a Conversation, lets you delete whole conversations in a few taps -- sort of. If this is more of the clean sweep you're looking for, tap the Settings icon on the profile screen, tap Clear Conversations under the Account Actions subheading and then tap the X beside the conversation you want to delete. 

Now, note that this won't delete the conversation on your friend's phone the way Clear Chats will unsend a message. There just won't be a record of the conversation on your phone.

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