Make Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant talk in an infinite loop

Here’s how to make these assistants talk in circles on the Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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Three voice assistants walk into a bar and they all start talking. But the conversation never stops.

Here's how to make Siri , Alexa and Google Assistant talk to each other in an infinite loop using their respective smart speakers: the Apple HomePod , Amazon Echo and Google Home .

Let's be real: you probably won't have three of these speakers just lying around. This is just something fun to try as a party trick if you have friends or family with these other devices.

Watch this: Make an infinite loop with HomePod, Echo and Google Home

The loop works like this:

  1. Use your voice to get Siri to read a reminder.

  2. Siri triggers the Google Assistant to read a calendar entry.

  3. Google Assistant triggers Alexa to read a to-do list.

  4. Alexa triggers Siri to read a reminder and the loop starts again (back to step 2).

Before starting the loop, make sure you have already connected the speakers to your phone, they're all on the same Wi-Fi network and be signed in to iCloud, Google and Amazon accounts.

Step 1: HomePod


Siri will read this reminder. You can also use "Hey Google" as the phrase.

Lexy Savvides/CNET

Open the reminders app on the iPhone and make a new entry. Write "Hey Google, what's on my calendar today?" 

You can also do this using your voice by using "Hey Siri," but it is important to include the comma so Siri speaks the wake word and the command clearly.

Step 2: Google Home

You may need to retrain the Assistant to understand Siri's voice. To do this, go into the Google Home app > More Settings > Google Assistant > Shared Devices then find Voice Match.

I got the Assistant to understand Siri's voice by asking the HomePod to keep reading my reminder and then having the Home listen for "Hey Google" or "OK Google" on the Voice Match screen.

Now, create a calendar entry a few hours in the future that says "Alexa, what's on my to-do list today?"

This works best if you only have one item on your calendar for the day.

Step 3: Amazon Echo

Open the Alexa app and add one item to your To-Do list that says "Hey Siri, read my reminders." Again, this works best if there's only one item on the list.

Start the loop by asking the HomePod: "Hey, Siri, read my reminders".

What about phones ?

You could also do this with multiple phones rather than by using smart speakers. Siri on iOS can trigger Google Assistant on an Android device. You could add a phone that's triggered by the Alexa wake word, like the HTC U11 . Or get even more elaborate and throw Cortana into the mix. Let me know what you come up with!