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Drowning in Prime Day? Make it disappear from your internet

Keep from seeing all the Prime Day coverage on your news feeds.

Prime Day 2019 will run for two full days.

This year's Amazon Prime Day, Amazon's two-day online shopping extravaganza on July 15 and 16, is still weeks away, but it's already hit a fever pitch across social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and all the rest. And when you don't have Amazon Prime or are absolutely uninterested in membership, seeing every other article talking about it is enough to make you want to stay off the internet until July 17. 

Fortunately, you can make a few tweaks to rid Amazon Prime Day from your life from now until then. And no, we don't mean avoiding every news site or uninstalling your Twitter and Facebook apps to keep unwanted information from seeping in.

Here are some tools you can use. (And if you change your mind, here's how you can be sure to never miss a Prime Day deal.)

Mute keywords and accounts on Twitter


Mute phrases like Amazon, Prime, Amazon Prime Day.

Screenshot by Katie Conner/CNET

1. In the app, tap your notifications (the bell icon). If using a desktop, click on Settings and privacy.

2. Tap Settings. iPhone users can select Muted > Muted words. Android and desktop users can select Muted words.

3. Tap Add (iPhone, desktop) or the + icon (Android). Mute words like Amazon, Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Day.

4. Select to mute these words from your timeline, notifications and from anyone.

5. Choose how long you want to mute the words and accounts. You can choose from 24 hours up to Forever. Then tap Save.

Temporarily snooze friends and groups on Facebook

1. Locate the group or person you want to snooze in your feed. (You know, the one that's always talking about their two-day shipping.) From desktop or phone, click or tap on the three dots at the top of the post.

2. Select Snooze (name/group) for 30 days. If you don't want to snooze them for the full 30 days, you can always go to their page later and undo the snooze.

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Download a spoiler prevention app

For desktop, download the Chrome plug-in Spoiler Protection 2.0. This extension hides keywords on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and news sites. Just type in keywords like Amazon or Prime, and let the extension do its job.

For phones, use apps like Spoiler Block (iPhone, Android) and Spoilers Blocker (Android). Add keywords that you want to block and the apps will keep them out of your news feed.

Originally published May 5, 2019.
Update, June 26, 2019: Adds Prime Day information.