Major updates headed for the Xbox 360 dashboard

Major updates headed for the Xbox 360 dashboard

David Rudden
When the launched in November, we liked the system's dashboard just fine. Still, Microsoft has seen fit to implement many new features set to roll out in the next week or so. The biggest addition is the availability of a download manager. Previously, when you chose to download a new demo, trailer, or Live Arcade game, you were unable to back out of the status screen--with some of the larger, 500MB-plus demos, downloading became a long, boring process. With the update, you can pretty much do anything while the content downloads, short of playing bandwidth-sucking online games (the downloads will pause when that happens). You will also be able to queue up downloads instead of focusing on one at a time.

Some other significant updates include the ability to bypass disc reading at start-up and to resume playback on a DVD after returning to the dashboard, as well as an option to have separate gamer pics for friends and strangers (likely to come into play when the upcoming Xbox 360 camera allows you to make your own gamer pic). The interface will be neatened up a tad, with better organization of content; hopefully, that'll mean the end of categories with 60-plus pieces of media to trudge through.

We will give these new features a test-run when they become available and update our review accordingly.

Source: GameSpot