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Mailbox e-mail app signs up 1 million users

The new e-mail app now has a million users on board and a new update that lets you shake your phone to undo your last action.

Mailbox lets you swipe a message to archive it.
Mailbox lets you swipe a message to archive it.
Screenshot by Lynn La/CNET

Dropbox's Mailbox app for iOS has just picked up its 1 millionth user.

The free app hit the iTunes store on February 7, where iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can download it. But access to the actual service has been doled out on a first-come, first-served basis via a reservation system.

As of yesterday, 1 million of those reservations have been filled, according to a blog from the Mailbox team. But there are still a fair number of people in line.

Filling out a reservation today, I learned that around 445,500 users are ahead of me. The folks at Mailbox seem to take a second on average to fill each reservation. So if my math is correct and that speed remains consistent, I should receive access in about five days. The Mailbox team has promised that the rollout will ramp up overtime until eventually a reservation system is no longer needed.

The app itself has been beefed up. Beyond offering bug fixes and performance tweaks, it now lets you undo your last action simply by shaking your phone.

The Mailbox team also revealed that it's now settled into its new offices at Dropbox, which last week snapped up the app and its 14-member team.

Why has Mailbox scooped up more than a million users so far?

CNET's review of Mailbox cheered the app for its uncluttered interface and simple way to let you organize your e-mail. The only downsides are that the app is available just for iOS and supports Gmail as the sole e-mail service.

For now, I'm eager to see if Mailbox is worth the wait.