Magic Leap ships out AR headsets to developers, report says

Under strict security requirements, Magic Leap is reportedly sending out its first batch of mixed-reality headsets.

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The Magic Leap One platform.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap has begun to ship out its AR headset, the highly anticipated Magic Leap One, to software developers, Bloomberg reported Friday

"We have an early access developers program, and those partners have hardware," a Maigc Leap representative told CNET. "All interested developers can sign up for our Creator Portal to learn about Magic Leap and explore our spatial computing solutions ahead of shipping later this year."

The device comes with strict security restrictions, however, and requires developers keep the product locked in a safe. Bloomberg reported that this rule has proven so onerous to some developers they have declined to test the device.

Announced in December 2017, little is known about the One headset. An unusually well-funded startup, Magic Leap took such great lengths to keep its product under wraps that before its unveiling, many suspected the headset was nonexistent, a mere fable.

But the product is indeed real and is a self-contained augmented reality setup that overlays 3D holographic images and experiences onto the real world. Its system consists of goggles, a handheld controller and a "Lightpack" that houses the system's processor and battery. Together, the device maps the space around you and tracks your movements.

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