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Lycos, Ericsson team to deliver wireless Net

The Web site network and the mobile communications company plan to enable customers to access personalized Internet content and services on wireless devices.

Internet portal company Lycos announced today it is teaming with Ericsson to deliver Internet content to wireless mobile phones.

With this agreement, Ericsson customers will be able to have personalized Internet content, including sports scores, stock quotes or email delivered to their wireless phones. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Mobile phone carriers like Ericsson see wireless data as the next big market opportunity. Industry analysts estimate that by 2002, more than 100 million mobile phones will be able to tap the Net in some fashion. And by 2003, more than 1 billion mobile phones are expected to be in use worldwide.

Yet to date there are few companies that provide Web content geared for mobile devices, although today's deal shows that the market is picking up. Yesterday, America Online signed a deal with Tegic Communications to provide AOL content for Web-ready mobile phones.

"Lycos' breadth in content and services and the opportunity to pull from their best-of-breed network of sites make them an ideal partner for Ericsson," Hans Davidsson, vice president and general manager at Ericsson Wireless Internet Solutions, said in a statement. "With this alliance, we reinforce our commitment to providing the best solutions for wireless customers."

Stockholm, Sweden-based Ericsson makes mobile phones and other wireless technologies. Waltham, Mass-based Lycos runs the Lycos Network, a unified set of Web sites.