Lumenati case turns your iPhone into a vintage movie camera

Retro good looks highlight the Lumenati CS1 iPhone 6 case, which lets you take on the role of a '70s era Super 8 filmmaker.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Lumenati CS1 case
The CS1 goes all old school on your iPhone. Lumenati

"And...action!" Some of us dream of spouting those words while peering through the lens of a big fantastic movie camera. You can capture a little bit of that feeling with the Lumenati CS1 on Kickstarter. It's a case for your iPhone 6 that looks (and acts) like a vintage film camera.

The Lumenati CS1 comes with a list of interesting specs, but what will really grab you right away is the design. It's ideal for iPhone-toting hipsters. It would look great paired with a handlebar mustache and ironic "Barbarella" T-shirt. It's also perfect for children of the '70s and '80s who remember real film cameras looking like this (at least cameras for 8mm and Super 8 film).

The CS1 is all about iPhone filmmaking. The gun-style handle is supposed to offer a more comfortable and stable way to shoot footage, compared with holding the phone up like normal. A finger trigger turns recording on when it's pulled and off when it's released. A hot-shoe mount accommodates external lights or a microphone.

The similarities with a real film camera don't end there. The lenses are designed to be interchangeable between wide, fisheye and telephoto styles and will work with any standard 58mm auxiliary lens. The case also has a built-in viewfinder, which should be handy for filming in bright environments.

The CS1 routes the iPhone's camera to the front using a set of mirrors. It also advertises auto image stabilization, but this is simply done with the iPhone's existing software. Naturally, a video editing and sharing app is part of the package. The CS1 is going for a $199 (about £128, AU$267) pledge.

The case works with the iPhone 6, but the creator says that if the fundraising is successful, it will also offer backers an option for the next-gen iPhone, due this fall. The project has raised nearly $50,000 toward a $75,000 goal with 28 days left to run.

Crowdfunding is a buyer-beware world where you're betting that the project creators will deliver your purchase as expected. The CS1 is currently in prototype form with the Kickstarter funds earmarked for finalizing the design, finishing the app and taking the case into production.

If you want to get an idea of the filmmaking quality, just watch the project video. It was all shot using a CS1 prototype. Now all you need is a a director's chair, an Orson Welles hat and a decent script.

Lumenati CS1 in use
The Lumenati CS1 makes you look like a retro filmmaker. Lumenati