L'Oreal's tiny wearable at CES 2018 helps you protect your skin

The little UV Sense fits on your nail and tracks your sunlight exposure.

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See that thing on her thumb? It's a wearable.

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What if I told you that useful information that could help protect you from skin cancer is only a raindrop-sized button away?

That's what L'Oreal debuted at CES 2018 with their UV Sense device.

The company developed the first battery-free wearable that measures UV exposure. At only 2mm thick and 9mm in diameter, the tiny electronic sensor can be worn on a fingernail, pair of sunglasses or any other item that's exposed to sunlight.

It's reusable and re-adhesive, allowing for fashionably decorated models to be cleverly disguised as nail art.

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The UV Sense works with an accompanying app, available for both iOS and Android, that syncs and translates the data from the sensor using NFC. The collected data allows users to determine when they should be mindful of UV exposure.

For example, if you attach the sensor to your running shoes and see a high trend of UV exposure on your running route, you can adjust your habits by taking better sun precautions or choosing a shadier route for your exercising.

The L'Oreal UV Sense will be available exclusively through dermatologists in 2018. A global launch is expected in 2019. Pricing isn't finalized, however L'Oreal hopes to price around $40 or less (roughly converting to £30 in the UK and AU$50).

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