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Lonely Planet offers free iPhone city guides for volcano victims

A bunch of the Lonely Planet guides for the iPhone are free until Thursday in a bid to help travellers trapped in ashy boredom on the Continent

Are you stuck under an ash cloud in Europe, with nothing but your iPhone to keep you company? Lonely Planet wants to take you out for some fun times, by knocking down its city guides to the low, low price of free.

Apps for Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Istanbul, London, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Rome, Stockholm and Vienna are all enjoying the price cut until Thursday 22 April. 

You'll get the text of the printed guides, as well as off-line maps -- handy for avoiding data-roaming charges -- and a location-aware option that dishes up hotels, attractions and watering holes nearby.

Unfortunately, travellers stuck in farther-flung destinations won't get the freebees -- guides for cities outside Europe are still full-price. 

The guides usually cost an eye-watering £9.49, so even if you're not feeling the wrath of Vulcan, we suggest you log on to the Lonely Planet area of  iTunes and get downloading.