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LogMeIn's remote access plan for Netbooks

LogMeIn proposes a way for its remote access software to multiply consumers' computing power on tiny Netbooks--and get carriers and Netbook manufacturers some extra business in the bargain.

LogMeIn Ignition

A Netbook's extremely limited hard drive space (typically half that of a laptop and one third of that for a desktop) makes it terrible for storing files, but its Internet-connectedness and light weight make it ideal for carrying around.

LogMeIn, a company best known for its free and pro-level remote access applications, is looking for carriers and Netbook manufacturers to preload its LogMeIn Ignition remote access software onto Netbooks so that consumers will be able to view and edit photos and documents from their main desktop or laptop computer from their tiny Netbooks. The deal would give carriers that sell Netbooks with mobile broadband plans and Netbook-makers two products in one--the remote tools for users to access their main computers, and an IT administration tool for themselves--called LogMeIn Rescue+ Mobile--that would let their support staff remotely access your Netbook for troubleshooting purposes. Both might become available to you for an additional fee.

Of course, for customers to use LogMeIn, their primary computer must be turned on--that's fine when you're planning to work remotely, but a stumbling block if your need to view files is more sudden. While a deal with carriers and Netbook makers would introduce more customers to remote access solutions, LogMeIn Free is a version of the remote-access software that end users don't need to pay for to use on a Netbook. An additional offer of speedier remote support, however, is what rounds out the advantage for the consumer, and what could make the extra service worth a subscription.