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Logitech's Mac-specific desktop set

Logitech's Mac-specific desktop set

When third-party vendors release peripherals for Macs, you can bet that their products will be shiny, white, and minimalist. And that's the case with Logitech's Cordless Desktop S530. This keyboard-and-mouse combo is meant as a companion for the Mac Mini, but its sleek (and shiny-white) design and Mac-specific task keys and software make it a fitting companion for anyone who's been searching for quality Mac-compatible input devices.

The S530 set is very similar to the Logitech Cordless Desktop S510; however, Logitech has swapped out the basic two-button mouse in favor of a multibutton laser mouse.

The keyboard features all of the standard Mac keys and two narrow panels, one on each of the right and left sides, with 15 additional buttons that make it easy to launch and navigate digital media and the Internet and to open documents. One-touch media buttons on the right side of the keyboard let you control music and playlists within iTunes and launch the iPhoto application and the Mac Spotlight search feature. Buttons on the left side of the keyboard launch an e-mail application, documents, and programs. All of these buttons have preset functions but can be customized with the included Logitech Control Center software.

The set will be available in February for $99.99 and comes with an incredible five-year warranty, where most warranties on input devices expire after only one year.